Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Weekend Outside

After a frosty week, we had beautiful weather this weekend. All of our snow is gone except for a small pile behind the garage. Instead of doing the usual gardening reading/research the last two days, I was outside in the yard. Here are a few things I managed to accomplish.

  • majority of the leaves were cleaned up
  • emptied some planters that should have been emptied last fall. I have three terra cotta pots to mend. 
  • compost pile tidied up
  • crazy, wooden vine not yet identified was trimmed back and pulled out of the fence and gutters
  • day lilies were cleaned up
  • gardening tools cleaned and sharpened
  • backyard measured out for landscaping map
  • pruning date set with Miss A
  • husks/roots of old wildflowers pulled from front bed
  • tons of awesome seeds received from Mr. D

More later. Now I have to transfer my backyard measurements to my drawing program.

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