Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Even though it was only 30 degrees outside this morning, when I returned home from work I was greeted by the first splash of color on our lot. We have crocuses. Now I know what flowers will be emerging from all the thin, dark green blades with light veins. These guys are in the sidewalk bed with what looks like some tulips. I wonder if there will be some purple as well. I hope these yellow ones open this weekend since the weather forecast is calling for sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Also, I found the first signs of bulbs I planted last fall. I believe this one is a “Queen of the Night” tulip. I mixed some of these with red anemones in the new fence bed. I scratched down what I planted where, though I have to find my notes to be sure.

There is activity in all the garden beds now. Tulips and star of Bethlehem are growing like crazy in the front bed. Sedum is budding up from the sidewalk bed and daylilies are poking out from house bed.


  1. Hi Jane. Looks like you might be a new blogger. Me, too. I'm always looking for northern gardeners although I totally enjoy seeing/hearing about gardens all over this wonderful country. I'm in zone 4...even colder than you. I noticed yesterday that my crocus are just barely out of the ground. Enjoy all your blooms. I'll be back to visit.

  2. Hello Donna! Yes, is it that obvious? ^_~ I am a new blogger as well as a new gardener. I thought this would be a great platform to keep an online gardening notebook and share ideas with other gardeners.

    I recently found the Cold Climate Gardening blog which is in Zone 4 like yourself. Are you keeping a gardening blog too? If so, share the link! I’d love to check it out.

    Here’s wishing warm weather your way in Zone 4. Thanks so much for visiting and happy digging!