Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Nursery Crawl

Miss A and I went on one heck of a nursery run today. I called ahead and obtained hours of a handful of nurseries in the area. Some were recommended by coworkers and friends while others were discovered at the Home & Garden show I attended earlier in the year. Then it was on to Google Maps and to plot our course. We did the whole run in twelve hours with stops for lunch and dinner. My little car was packed with plant life.

Here are the spoils:
bridal veil astilbe
yellow archangel
Solomon’s seal
maiden hair fern
white bleeding heart
nicotiana (score! perfect for the moonlight garden)
dwarf irises
cardinal climber morning glories
black pansies
2 varieties heirloom tomatoes
Mt. Airy (yay! one of two on the whole crawl)
3 varieties of nasturtium
cardinal flower

some annuals for hanging baskets:
bright orange celosia
deep purple heliotrope

for a tabletop pot:
orange osteospermum

for a planter:
dusty miller
burgundy salvia

2 hanging baskets of wandering jew and licorice plant from the Farmer’s Market

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